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No Cakes or Outside Food Or Drink Allowed Unless You Book a Party!

Every session ends with skate and foot races in the last 20 minutes.

3.95% service fee is applied to all credit card sales.

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesdays:

Closed For Private Parties

Thursdays: 5pm-8pm

Adm. & Skates $7

Fridays: 6pm-10pm

Adm. & Skates $12

Saturdays: 2pm-10pm

Adm. & Skates $15

Parent Supervision Required

No Drop Offs!

Sundays: 2pm-5pm

Adm. & Skates $12

  • Trianglar Walkers for Beginners

      $7.00 To Rent

      $2.00 Back Upon Return                                                            

  • We do have a slight dress code: No short shorts, not crop tops, no bandanas and not saggy pants.

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